Baker Creek Ski
Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I skied partway up Baker Creek in Banff National Park on 20 March 2005.  A fresh dump of snow the previous night provided ideal ski conditions as we broke trail without much difficulty to an open meadow about six kilometres from the trail head.  After a short break, we promptly turned around and headed home.  Although views were limited throughout, the skiing, especially on the return trip, was superb and made this a worthwhile outing.
Damn power lines always spoil a good picture! Kelly climbs up to the power line right-of-way not far from the trail head.
Great conditions! Dan picks up some speed coming down this small hill.
Finally, some views! The meadow is a great place to wander freely.
A good spot for lunch! Dan and Kelly have a snack under a tree at the edge of the meadow.
The snow is deeper than you might think! Kelly hangs onto Sonny as she sinks into the deceptively deep snow.  In the background is Protection Mountain.