Mount Bosworth
I took the day off work on 21 July 2005 and scrambled up Mount Bosworth in Yoho National Park.  Despite a somewhat miserable start (and end) thrashing up a bushy and buggy avalanche slope, I enjoyed a relatively straightforward scramble with no serious route-finding problems.  The crux was a lot of fun, and the weather was superb on this day.  My round-trip time was less than 6 hours.
Lots of bushes and bugs to get to this point. Sonny approaches the gully giving access to the upper mountain.
Lots of fond memories of the first Rocky Mountain Books WebForum group scramble! Across the valley to the south is Narao Peak.
A good warm-up for the crux later on! Sonny ascends the access gully.
I traversed left a little earlier, but it's all roughly the same. This is the view of the upper mountain above the access gully.  Although the summit block is not visible here, it is worth continuing up this gully as far as possible before traversing left.
The slabby stuff on either side of the gully might be easier to ascend. This is looking up the next gully to the left.  This is the main ascent gully and should be followed all the way to the top.
A lot more interesting than slogging directly up the gully! Sonny finds more enjoyable scrambling to the left of the ascent gully.
The Fortress of Doom? The main summit block looks dark and ominous.
This was a lot of fun! Sonny climbs up typical terrain near the crux.
What the heck rhymes with 'Bosworth'?? This is the 2771-metre summit of Mount Bosworth.
A long day of scrambling some time in the future. Mount Daly
That small patch of blue at the bottom is Ross Lake. The view to the south is dominated by big peaks such as Mount Temple, Mount Victoria and Mount Huber.
Still a lot of snow over there! :-( On the horizon to the northwest are (L to R) Kiwetinok Peak, Mount Pollinger, Mount McArthur, Glacier Des Poilus and Isolated Peak.
What a gorgeous day in the mountains! To the north are (L to R) Mount Andromache, Little Hector and Mount Hector.  The snowy peaks behind Mount Andromache are the multiple summits of Mount Willingdon.