Chester Lake
On 17 September 2005, Kelly Wood and I took our friends, Melanie and Lyle, out to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for a leisurely hike to Chester Lake.  Although snow blanketed much of the surrounding landscape, we had no problems following the often muddy trail up to the lake.  After a short break at Chester Lake, we headed up to the popular "Elephant Rocks" and had a lot of fun scrambling among the numerous boulders there.  We eventually continued up to the first tarn in Three Lakes Valley before turning around for the day.
Love that hot pink! Melanie, Kelly and Lyle hike up the road to Chester Lake.  The snowy peak is Mount Smuts.
Doesn't look like I'll be bagging any peaks today! :-( Snow covers much of the meadows near Chester Lake.  Gusty Peak dominates the view straight ahead.
You could spend all day just bouldering here! Lyle relaxes among the "Elephant Rocks" north of Chester Lake.
Easy going up, but tricky coming down. Sonny can't resist scrambling up to the highest pinnacle of the "Elephant Rocks".
Looks like ski season already! This is the first tarn in Three Lakes Valley.  In the distance at left is Mount Galatea, highest peak in the Kananaskis Range.
And now, No. 3, The Larch  (old Monty Python running gag) There are lots of larch trees in the Chester Lake area.