Door Jamb Mountain And Loder Peak
Taking advantage of unseasonably warm conditions on 23 January 2005, Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I set off to scramble up the south ridge of Door Jamb Mountain and Loder Peak near the town of Exshaw, Alberta.  Except for a short section of deep snow, most of the ridge was dry and made for enjoyable scrambling.  The warm Chinook winds were blowing across the ridge all day, but their full force was not felt until we reached the top of Door Jamb Mountain (about 1975 metres).  Maintaining our balance in this wind was somewhat difficult, and Dan and Kelly decided to turn around while I continued alone to the top of Loder Peak (2097 metres).  After tagging Loder Peak's summit, I retraced my steps over Door Jamb Mountain and eventually rejoined Dan and Kelly further down the south ridge.  We completed this leisurely outing with a round-trip time of over 4.5 hours.
Yay!  No bushwhacking today! Dan and Kelly make their way up the easy south ridge.
Look how far we've come up! Dan and Kelly take a break on the south ridge shortly before the summit of Door Jamb Mountain.
Cool rock wall. It's a shoelace-tying contest!
Another half-hour to the top of Loder Peak from here. This is the view of Loder Peak from the top of Door Jamb Mountain.  Yamnuska is visible at far right.
Mount Fable Mount Fable dominates the view to the west.
Another two-peak day! Sonny stands on the summit of Loder Peak.
Yam is looking good! Sun and clouds give Yamnuska a dramatic look in this view from Door Jamb Mountain.
Don't have to be Spiderman to walk down this! These steep slabs on the south ridge have a "grippy" feel to them and are easy to walk down when conditions are dry.