Goat Creek To Banff Ski
Spending the weekend in Canmore, Alberta with a group of friends, Kelly Wood and I took advantage of perfect conditions (great weather, excellent snow, and gracious friends) on 12 February 2005 to ski from Whiteman's Gap (near Canmore, Alberta) to Bow Falls (near the Banff Springs Hotel) via Goat Creek and Spray River.  This was a thoroughly pleasant outing for us, and except for one short stretch of sticky (sun-warmed) snow, we had no problems skiing the 18 kilometres of skier-tracked and groomed trails.  The rest of the day was spent buying fudge and candy in Banff, soaking in a hot tub at the Windtower Lodge & Suites, and wining and dining at Murrieta's in Canmore.  Thanks go out to my friend, Raman Srivastava, who kindly dropped Kelly and me off at the Goat Creek trail head and then later picked us up at the Bow Falls parking lot.
Nice shades, everyone! Jerry Scapillati accompanies Kelly and Sonny to the Goat Creek trail head.
That's one peculiar-looking dog! This is the sign at the Banff National Park boundary.
I still prefer the name, "Chinaman's Peak"! Ha Ling Peak is visible in the distance as Kelly glides effortlessly along the Goat Creek trail.
There are some serious hills before and after this bridge. Kelly crosses the bridge over Goat Creek.
The true summit of Mount Rundle? The bridge over the Spray River grants this unfamiliar view of Mount Rundle.
Cascade Mountain Here is a rare unobstructed view of Cascade Mountain from the Spray River fire road.
What is this called, and has anyone climbed this? It's hard to miss this impressive frozen waterfall emanating from the east side of Sulphur Mountain.
Where the heck is our ride? A little over three hours after starting from the Goat Creek trail head, Kelly reaches Bow Falls and poses as a tourist.