Iceline Trail
Although it was somewhat disappointing that the six of us from the Rocky Mountain Books WebForum failed to bag all the peaks we were hoping for after a long weekend in Little Yoho Valley, this great group of people--Linda Breton, Vern Dewit, Dinah Kruze, Bob Spirko and Dave Stephens--more than made the trip worthwhile.  Like all the previous group scrambles I've done, it was a memorable experience for me.  On our last day, 10 July 2005, we all hiked out along the scenic Iceline Trail.  Dinah and Bob left the Stanley Mitchell Hut early with faint aspirations to bag Mount Field on the way out.  While the rest of us left together a little later, Vern and Dave soon left Linda and me both in the dust as they were determined to summit Mount Field via Yoho Pass.  This was my third time hiking the Iceline Trail, but given the jaw-dropping scenery (better than what I saw from the summit of the two peaks I bagged over the weekend) and excellent company (Linda), I found the hike just as enchanting as the previous two occasions.

Toward the end of the hike, Linda and I got hailed on as the weather turned nasty, and I wondered how Vern and Dave were faring in their ascent of Mount Field.  The weather cleared again by the time Linda and I joined Dinah and Bob at the trail head (Dinah and Bob would return 10 days later to bag Mount Field).  After we all said our farewells and parted ways, I hung around the trail head for another 4.5 hours reading Gary Kinder's Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea before Vern and Dave showed up after their successful marathon up Mount Field.

Check out Linda's, Vern's and Dave's photos of this trip.
A most beautiful peak. The President looks resplendent in the morning sun.
It's funny that you never see Columbian and golden-mantled ground squirrels in the same place.  It's always predominantly one or the other. A Columbian ground squirrel looks for crumbs near the Stanley Mitchell Hut.
Got one this weekend.  Will be back later for the other... Mount McArthur and Isolated Peak are separated by Glacier Des Poilus.
Much more interesting than Dick Cheney and George W. Bush! The Vice President and President command a lot of attention on the Iceline Trail.
<INSERT> Theme From "JAWS" Mount Niles pokes up above the clouds like a shark fin.
This is Linda's first time hiking the Iceline Trail. Linda stops to take a photo of the spectacular scenery.
This never gets old! All the best in mountain scenery are here--peaks, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes.
Linda's got a great laugh. Linda puts on some layers as it begins to hail.
I could use a shower right about now! Takakkaw Falls