Junction Hill
On 23 October 2005, David Labonté, Dan Millar, Marie-Mai Parent, Kelly Wood and I hiked up Junction Hill in the Highwood area as per Gillean Daffern's description in her Kananaskis Country Trail Guide 3rd Ed. Vol. 2.  This was a very pleasant outing that went without a hitch.
God bless his sole! Dan leaves his shoes on a tree as a prayer offering.
I've always encountered lots of cow patties when hiking in the Front Ranges, but strangely, I've never actually come across any cows... The group reaches the col and the end of the exploration road.
More non-Kane scrambles on the horizon! Dan stops and admires the nice view of the Continental Divide.  The five prominent peaks behind him are (L to R) Mount Strachan, Mount Muir, Mount McPhail, unnamed, and Mount Bishop.
A good place for alpine napping! The Limber pines on the grassy ridge attest to the powerful winds that scour this area.
There's a surprising amount of variety on the hike up Junction Hill. The group hikes up some rocky terrain.
Brings back memories of previous scramble trips in that area... A clearing before the top of Junction Hill grants this view of the Misty Range which includes (L to R) Mist Mountain, Storm Mountain, and Mount Rae.
Ten more minutes to the top from here. The group approaches the top of Junction Hill.
Look at Kelly's hair flying in the wind! Kelly passes by the first of two cairns on top of Junction Hill.
Dan looks a little 'stoned'! At the top of Junction Hill (2233 metres) are (L to R) Dan, Kelly, Sonny (kneeling), David, and Marie-Mai.  Mount Head is visible at right.
Not quite as dramatic-looking as the east side. This is the west side of Holy Cross Mountain.
I darkened this photo to try and bring out some of the distant ridges. This is looking south from the top of Junction Hill.
This reminds me a lot of Dan eating yogurt with a key on Mount Lady Macdonald years ago! Forgetting to bring a spoon, David resorts to eating couscous with a stick!
This was a really splendid Fall day. Kelly and Sonny pose for one more panoramic photo.  Behind them are the Cat Creek Hills.