Kelly's Birthday 2005
On Kelly Wood's 36th birthday, 3 January 2005, both she and I were violently ill from possibly the Norwalk virus.  As a result, we had a belated birthday dinner celebration with some of our friends on 7 January 2005 at the Ginger Beef Peking House in Willow Park Village (south Calgary).  The scrumptious feast included fried dumplings, steamed and fried rice, ginger beef, barbequed pork, steamed chicken, Chinese broccoli, Peking duck, fish maw soup, jellyfish, and shrimp with head and legs still attached!  After the last few menu items, who needs the Norwalk virus?  Raman Srivastava generously provided a chocolate birthday cake for Kelly, and after she opened all her birthday presents, everyone came to our house for another night of fun and games.
Maybe 5.10 or 5.11? Dan Millar tries out a new climbing route in my living room!
Happy Birthday To You! Dan watches Kelly blow out a solitary candle on her birthday cake.
Now if they only made chocolate-flavoured beer... Marcella Pesiri and Scott Warner each have their favourite foods in hand.
They sell cosmetics and Toyotas. Rupali Srivastava and her husband, Raman, look good in black.
Hey girls!  Here are two eligible bachelors! Dan and Scott Mair almost look like brothers!
Certainly showing no ill effects from dinner! Sonny and Kelly feel much better than they did earlier in the week.