Mount Lineham
Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I hiked up Mount Lineham via Lineham Ridge Trail in Waterton National Park on 31 July 2005.  Hot weather and pesky horseflies made the long trudge up to Lineham Ridge seem even longer, but a stiff wind above tree line alleviated all misery for the remainder of the ascent.  Returning the same way, Kelly and I inexplicably wandered off-route shortly after leaving the summit, and we had to endure some annoying side-hill bashing to get back on track.  The rest of our descent was uneventful though the bugs and heat were no less oppressive.  Our round-trip time was a very leisurely 7.5 hours.
There used to be a backcountry campground here. The trail heads up and to the right at the far end of this meadow.
There might be less bugs here in Autumn. Kelly climbs up Lineham Ridge Trail.  The trail to Upper Rowe Lakes is visible behind her.
If it's hot, bring lots of water! Kelly keeps climbing up Lineham Ridge Trail.
Another 325 metres to go! This is the view of Mount Lineham from near the crest of Lineham Ridge.
This basin is probably seldom visited. Here are some of the Lineham Lakes with Mount Blakiston in the background.
It's a long trudge to get here, but it's worth it on a clear day like this. Kelly takes the last few steps before the summit.
This is Kelly's 11th Kane summit! Kelly, Dan and Sonny stand on the 2728-metre summit of Mount Lineham.  To the right of Sonny on the horizon is Mount Cleveland.
Not bad, eh? From the summit, the view to the south includes Lower and Upper Rowe Lakes, Cameron Lake, Chapman Peak, Mount Custer, Forum Peak, Akamina Ridge, Agassiz Glacier, Kintla Peak and Kinnerly Peak.
Makes you wanna go there and bag it! To the southeast, the prominent peak on the horizon is Chief Mountain.
Looks like some critters have been chewing on the cord! This is one of the new register containers for the Alberta Centennial Mountain Expedition project.  It was placed on Mount Lineham's summit on 16 July 2005.
The Hawkins Horseshoe is gonna be a bloody long day for me! A couple more of the Lineham Lakes can be seen in this view to the west.  Mount Hawkins is the peak at far right.
Even marmots like the views up here! This hoary marmot is no stranger to camera-wielding hikers.
A perennial favourite! Dan hikes through a field of bear grass (Xerophyllum tenax).