Opal Hills
After an epic adventure the previous day on Hawk Mountain, Chris Wood, Kelly Wood and I enjoyed a leisurely day hiking the Opal Hills loop near Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park on 5 June 2005.
The hike through the trees is steeper than the picture would suggest. Chris and Kelly head for the hills.  Opal Peak is directly ahead.
Still reeling from the bear encounter the day before, Chris has a bit of a headache. Looking for some aspirin, Kelly and Chris go through an assortment of pills from Chris's first aid kit.
Jasper's celebrated Skyline Trail is somewhere in the distance. The views open up at tree line.
Looks like an "easy" scree slog. Here is a close-up look at Opal Peak.
This would be a great ski tour in the winter. Chris and Kelly hike through an open meadow.
A pleasant hike. Hiking the loop in a counter-clockwise fashion, Kelly and Chris reach the far end of the meadows where the trail re-enters the forest.