Ross Lake Ski
Kelly Wood and I skied the Ross Lake circuit in Yoho National Park on 27 December 2005.  Starting from the Lake O'Hara trail head, we easily skied along the groomed 1A Highway before turning up the trail to Ross Lake.  We had to break trail for much of the way to Ross Lake before running into another group of skiers going in the opposite direction.  After a short diversion at the lake, we skied out to the Lake O'Hara fire road to complete the circuit.  Despite the short trip (3 hours), Kelly and I were both sore after our first ski outing of the season.
Notice how I also caught the Lay's potato chip truck! A clearing along the 1A Highway grants this view of Mount Bosworth.
There's just something anticlimactic about lakes in winter. Kelly reaches Ross Lake.
Too bad the weather sucks. Sonny heads for the far side of the lake.
Nobody does it better... Sonny pretends that he is skiing off Mount Asgard.
Thank God someone else broke trail here! The trail between Ross Lake and the Lake O'Hara fire road is winding and narrow which makes for some tricky skiing.