My Birthday 2005
On 21 January 2005, I celebrated my 37th birthday.  Although I had a rough day at work, Kelly Wood treated me to a delicious East Indian buffet dinner that night at a restaurant called Little India (all-you-can-eat samosas and nan--'nuff said!).  After dinner, we went home to have cake and beer with some of our friends.  For my birthday, I received a couple of sweaters, lots of gift certificates (MEC, Future Shop, Chapters), a book about parallel worlds, a cool watch which can set itself to worldwide atomic clock beacons, a Chick Corea CD, and a fridge magnet with a rather frank message on it.  We didn't play any games on this night, but there were plenty of interesting and often hilarious discussions about everything ranging from Islamic extremists to clipping mouse tails.
Let's talk about religion! This is Dan Millar's reaction after Sonny suggested doing some karaoke.
Looking good! L to R, Marcella Pesiri, Rupali Srivastava, and Kelly pose for a somewhat artistic black and white photo.
Hey, what's that trophy for? Kelly made this cherry chip birthday cake for Sonny.
Scott builds decks for a living, so he's very good with his hands! Scott Mair is a little disappointed that there aren't any single women at this party.
The Last Crusader After having a few beers, Raman Srivastava starts explaining how the real world works--the Passion of the Ray.
Mmmmmmm!!!  Love that banana! Raman's wife, Rupali Srivastava, takes a more fundamental view of the world...