Tower Of Babel
On our way out to go camping on Canada Day 2005, Kelly Wood and I stopped by Moraine Lake in Banff National Park to scramble up Tower of Babel.  Although we got a little bit of rain on our way up, we had a trouble-free ascent and descent.  Our round-trip time was less than three hours.
This talus slope is actually not bad to climb up. Kelly hikes toward the base of Tower of Babel.
Almost makes me wanna take up rock climbing... This is the steep wall guarding the west side of Tower of Babel.
Gully grovelling at its finest! Kelly sticks to firmer rock steps near the edge of the gully.
This section is a little tricky to descend. The gully narrows near the top.
Almost there...really! Back on horizontal terrain, Kelly hikes toward the summit.
Anybody seen the remote anywhere? Kelly and Sonny relax on the stone sofa at the top of Tower of Babel (2360 metres).
Time to change channels! This isn't the first time that Sonny has been on TV.
See any grizzly bears down there? Encircling Consolation Lakes are (L to R) Panorama Ridge, Mount Bell, Bident Mountain and Mount Quadra (partially hidden).
This was Kelly's 10th successful Kane Scramble! Kelly exits the gully on descent.