Upper South Twin Creek Ski
On 25 March 2005, Kelly Wood and I headed to the south end of Kananaskis Country to do some ski touring.  After a couple of false starts, we eventually settled on trying to ski up the north ridge of Windy Peak.  Starting from Highway 532 near the south end of Hailstone Butte, we crossed North Twin Creek and climbed over a low pass to intersect South Twin Creek which encircles the north end of Windy Peak.  Unfortunately, the north end is guarded by thick forest which makes skiing upwards difficult if not impossible.  After muddling about for some time through the trees and deep snow, we finally gave up and decided to follow South Twin Creek briefly before climbing up to a col separating the third and fourth ridge tops of Windy Peak Hills.  At the col, we ditched our skis and continued on foot to the fourth ridge top (GR849617) where we took a short break and decided to call it a day.  Our return trip was highlighted by a rather thrilling ski descent from the col and an equally thrilling drive back out along muddy and slippery Highway 532.
Can you spot Sonny's car? Kelly skis across the flats near North Twin Creek.  The ridge in the background is the south end of Hailstone Butte.
A lot of trail breaking to get here... This is looking east from the col separating the third and fourth ridge tops of Windy Peak Hills.
Check out the lump of snow on the back of Kelly's pack! Kelly hikes up to the fourth ridge top.
Oh well, it's better than bagging nothing! Saddle Mountain is visible from the fourth ridge top.
Guess which are the uphill and downhill tracks! Kelly skis down from the col.
The snow is deeper than you might think! This boot-top perspective gives an indication of the snow depth in Upper South Twin Creek on this day.