Vision Quest
Vison Quest is the informal name of a ridge just south of Mount Abraham in the Abraham Lake area of David Thompson Country.  The name derives from vision quest sites found halfway up the ridge.  On 2 July 2005, Ceri Chwieros, Wiktor Chwieros, Omar Jumaili, Chris Wood, Kelly Wood and I hiked up the southeast end of this ridge which rises about 765 metres in a mere 2.5 kilometres from the trail head.  While everyone else was content to lounge about at the end of the hiking trail, Wiktor and I scrambled up to a slightly higher false summit to get a look at the rest of the ridge which stretches for a considerable distance to the northwest.  Upon rejoining the rest of the group, we all took an extended break before beginning our knee-jarring descent back to the trail head.  A quick stop at the David Thompson Resort for some ice cream capped off a thoroughly enjoyable outing.
Chris, Wiktor and Ceri did pretty good considering they did a long scramble up Mount Abraham the previous day. It's a traffic jam on the ridge!  From L to R are Chris, Wiktor, Ceri, Omar and Kelly.
The scramble route goes up the basin and along the right-hand skyline. Elliott Peak is a real eye-catcher along the David Thompson Highway.
It's hard to believe that this lake is actually man-made! This is Abraham Lake as seen from the upper part of the ridge.
This is where the fun actually begins! Chris and Omar take a break after a long, relentless climb.  The trail's end is at the base of the wall guarding the false summit in the distance.
It may not be a Kane Scramble, but it's fun nonetheless! Despite appearances to the contrary, the route up to where Sonny is standing is an easy scramble.
Photo Courtesy of Chris Wood
The crux is much easier to ascend than descend. Sonny (middle) approaches the top of the false summit with Wiktor (far left) not far behind.
Photo Courtesy of Chris Wood
It would be a very long day to traverse the entire ridge. Wiktor stands atop the false summit.  The ridge seemingly continues forever in the distance.
Trickier than it looks! Wiktor descends the crux step guarding the false summit.
Watch out for that big drop on the right! Sonny photographs Wiktor coming down the crux step.
Photo Courtesy of Omar Jumaili
Watch out for ticks here! The fledgling Alpine Napping Club has its first general meeting.
Mount Michener is sometimes referred to as "Phoebe's Teat" in honour of a notorious prostitute in Nordegg, Alberta. A striking rainbow manifests itself in front of Mount Michener.
Being so close to the trail, some of these flowers resemble flagging tape. Western Wood Lily