Christmas 2005
For Christmas 2005, Kelly Wood and I stayed home and invited Linda Breton, Dan Millar, and my mom, Grace Bou, over for dinner which consisted of chili (made with ground chicken instead of beef), Caesar's salad, bread rolls, pork dumplings (made by my mom), and tapioca-strawberry jello for dessert.  We had a fun gift exchange (thanks to some interesting toys that Dan brought), and generally chewed the fat for the rest of the night.
Is the tree real or fake? There can never be too many ornaments on a Christmas Tree, right?
A lot of work. Kelly's mom, Evalyn Wood, made this exquisite quilt for Kelly and Sonny.
Stupid Hair Tricks Kelly amuses Linda and Dan with one of her disguises.
Stupid Hair Tricks Part 2 Linda is always on the lookout for new hairstyles!
Home for the Holidays Kelly, Sonny and Grace pose for a Christmas photo.
Ahhh...the anticipation! Linda and Kelly open up their gifts from Dan.
What?  He doesn't come with a laser blaster?? This is the Albert Einstein action figure that Sonny received from Dan.
It beats the Shopping Network! Dan warms his hands by the "fire".