Exshaw Mountain
On 11 May 2007, I drove out to Exshaw, Alberta after work for a quick evening hike up Exshaw Mountain.  There is little to recommend about this diminutive hill other than its close proximity to the village and some pleasant views partway up.  Still, I got some much needed exercise and managed to bag a named peak to boot.  My round-trip time was 132 minutes including about 15 minutes spent wandering around the disappointingly viewless summit.
Sadly, the best view of the night. Sonny pauses beside a large cairn on his way up Exshaw Mountain.  Behind him in the distance is Heart Mountain.
There are some opportunities for scrambling here...if you look real hard! Sonny continues up the easy slope.
Mount Baldy would make for another good after-work scramble. Mount Baldy looks rather impressive from Exshaw Mountain.
Looks like a good scramble. This is the unnamed highpoint between Mount McGillivray and Mount Lorette.
Better than a kick in the pants, I suppose. This is probably the best view of Mount Fable from the top of Exshaw Mountain.
In the fading light, it's almost hard to tell whether this photo is colour or black & white. This is the southwest slope of Goat Mountain as seen through another break in the trees atop Exshaw Mountain.
This peak is so insignificant that even the Kane Trooper didn't show up today! Sonny shrugs his shoulders wondering whether or not this is the 1783-metre summit of Exshaw Mountain.
If there's nothing else to see, might as well take some pictures of flowers... The pasque flower is a sure sign that spring has arrived in the mountains.
I wonder what people do for kicks in this village... The village of Exshaw lies at the foot of Exshaw Mountain.  Mount McGillivray dominates the background.