Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim)
On 3 June 2007, Kelly Wood and I left Kanab, Utah and drove south into Arizona to visit the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.  Because our time was short, we had no intentions of doing any serious hiking in the area, and like our trip to Bryce Canyon National Park, we simply visited all the tourist viewpoints--Cape Royal, Point Imperial, and Bright Angel Point.  Given the hot weather, I probably would not have been able to climb back out of the Grand Canyon anyway if we had descended into it.  After soaking in views of the big hole in the ground and then getting soaked by the cafeteria at the North Rim visitor centre, we returned to Utah and headed for Zion National Park.
This was an annoying long wait.  They could use a second booth here. There is quite a traffic jam at the park gates leading to the North Rim.
If you don't get it, don't worry.  Enjoy Armageddon! The truck in front has an amusing license plate frame.
I can hear Wagner's opera already! This is Wotan's Throne (2347 metres) as seen from Cape Royal (2343 metres).
Believe it or not! Cape Royal is apparently the only place along the North Rim that the Colorado River is visible (indicated).
Freya is a Norse fertility goddess while Vishnu is a Norwegian rock and roll band.  Who would've thought there would be a connection? Also visible from Cape Royal are Freya Castle (2225 metres) at left and Vishnu Temple (2297 metres) at right.
See the people on the terrace above the window? Angels Window is a short side trip from the Cape Royal Trail.
Does this classify as a summit? Kelly stands on Point Imperial (2683 metres), the highest point in Grand Canyon National Park.
Charles T. Hayden was an Arizona pioneer.  The peak is a technical climb (5.7). This is Mount Hayden as seen from Point Imperial.
Why does "Squaw's Tit" come to mind? This is Angels Gate as seen from Bright Angel Point.
Bagged this one wearing sandals! Sonny looks out across the Grand Canyon from the top of Bright Angel Point (2485 metres).
Wikipedia has some interesting statistics on fatalities in the Grand Canyon ( This is Bright Angel Canyon.  The prominent peak at left is Brahma Temple (2302 metres).
Hee Haw! Sonny likes to grab ass.