Panorama Ridge
On 30 June 2007, Vern Dewit, Jess Gladstone, Rafal (Raff) Kazmierczak, Frank Nelson, Jason Wilcox and Kelly Wood joined me for a scramble up Panorama Ridge in Banff National Park.  After a quick hike to Lower Consolation Lake, we forded the outlet stream before heading up the broad avalanche gully on the opposite side.  About halfway up, Raff, Kelly and I split off from the rest of the group and took a more roundabout route to Alan Kane's summit.  We ended up a bit further north along the ridge and had to scramble over some big blocks to get to the summit.  The big blocks were a little outside Kelly's comfort zone, and while Raff pushed ahead to join the others at the summit, I hung back to help Kelly get through some exposed sections.  By the time Kelly and I reached the summit, Vern had already left to go and climb the Tower of Babel.  Although I had aspirations to traverse over to the higher south summit, I decided to forego the attempt because I felt it was unfair to make everyone else wait for me at the end of the day.  We all descended back to Lower Consolation Lake, and after another chilly ford, we hiked back to the trail head and rejoined Vern just as he came off the Tower of Babel.  Our round-trip time was a little over 7 hours.

Be sure to check out Vern's photos.
The crux of the trip. Everyone rolls up their pants to ford the outlet stream.
Fords are so much fun! Jess and Jason brave the icy waters.
Great views already! Kelly chats with Raff as they hike up the avalanche gully.  Eiffel Peak and the Tower of Babel can be seen in the distance.
This is where Raff, Kelly and I headed left while everyone else headed right. This is a foreshortened view of the ridge from the avalanche gully.
I'm not sure if that's Vern or Jason. Someone from the lead group stops to take some photographs.
The ridge above appears closer than it really is. Raff continues grinding up the slope.
That's Mount Fay to the left. Mount Babel towers above Consolation Lakes.
Looks like a good glissade though! There is still quite a lot of snow on Eiffel Peak.
There is some exposure here. Raff scrambles up the big blocks along the ridge.
Some of these rocks were rather slippery. Kelly picks her way through the boulders near the ridge top.
Almost there. Kane's summit is in sight.
There's a great place to sit out of the wind just behind the summit. At the summit are Raff, Jason and Frank.
That survey stand has seen better days! Kelly and Sonny reach the 2800-metre north summit of Panorama Ridge.  Mount Hector is visible in the distance at far left.
A couple of attractive 10,000 footers. Bident Mountain and Mount Quadra steal the spotlight to the south.
The south summit is only about 24 metres higher. Raff snaps some photographs with the higher south summit of Panorama Ridge dominating the background.  Also visible are Mount Bell (left) and Stanley Peak (right of south summit).
Wonder if anyone is up there today... To the northwest is Mount Temple.
This was Kelly's 12th Kane peak. Kelly carefully descends from the summit.
This was a warm-up trip for Jason as he was planning to climb Mount Laussedat the following day. Upper Consolation Lake is visible behind Jason as he descends the rubble slope.
Vern was probably on his way up the Tower of Babel at this point. The group descends more rubble en route to Lower Consolation Lake.
It looks splendid in the sunshine! Here is one last look at Bident Mountain (3084 metres).
I would return eleven days later to tag the south summit of Panorama Ridge.