Mount Bryant
Hoping to squeeze in one more scramble before an inclement weather system moved into the area, I headed out to Kananaskis Country on 6 October 2008 to traverse Mount Bryant.  As usual, I had a late start.  I followed Andrew Nugara's route description from More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies and hiked the long but pleasant approach to "Bryant Lake".  Despite sunny skies, there was a definite chill in the air made all the more unpleasant by a stiff breeze.  The steep grunt from the lake to the summit was somewhat boring, but the apple I ate during a break on the way up was delicious!  The wind made the summit unbearably cold, and I promptly took my requisite photos and signed the register before heading for the east summit.  Partway across the intervening ridge, I had to backtrack a little when I missed Nugara's detour and ended up on some rather technical terrain.  I eventually made it to the east summit before descending the east ridge as described by Nugara.  Stumbling out Canyon Creek in the dark was tedious but otherwise uneventful (round-trip time of 7 hours 26 minutes).
Hiking Canyon Creek is like watching paint dry. This is Mount Bryant as seen from Canyon Creek.  Only the east summit is visible from this vantage point.
This section is unfortunately short-lived. Sonny hikes through one of the few interesting sections on the approach to "Bryant Lake".
The last time I was here was 21 June 1997. Sonny reaches the shores of "Bryant Lake".
Good time to think about philosophy, limericks, and sex! This is the "easy" slope leading to the summit.
The tarn is much more beautiful than I remember from my first visit. This is looking down at "Bryant Lake" from the route to the summit.
The Nalgene container is a bit small but appears to be doing nicely in keeping the register dry. Sonny holds the register at the 2643-metre summit of Mount Bryant.
Not as easy as it looks! This is the intervening ridge to the east summit.
And also shows off all the nasty down-climbs on the summit ridge! To the southwest, Mount Fisher shows off its north face.
A memorable trip... Visible to the south is Mount Glasgow.
Still have to bag this one... Mount Howard dominates the view to the south.
Morning light is definitely better at the summit of Mount Bryant! Mount Bogart looks broodingly dark to the west.
Definitely don't want to slip here! The traverse described by Nugara is along the uppermost scree-covered ledge.
So does that count as two peaks?? Sonny reaches the 2620-metre east summit of Mount Bryant.
I have about an hour of daylight left. This is looking back at the true summit from the east summit.
You should also be able to spot Nihahi Ridge in behind. Here is a dramatic view of Compression Ridge from the east summit of Mount Bryant.
And don't forget that long slog out Canyon Creek! This is the end of the east ridge.  Nugara's recommended descent route goes down the brown scree to a drainage out of view to the right.
I'd like to try hiking the north ridge one of these days... The late day sun illuminates Moose Mountain.
I wore every article of clothing I had in my pack on this day! Sonny hikes down the remainder of the east ridge.
Might be fun going up this way too... This is looking back up the east ridge.  The true summit is the bump at far right.