Heavens Gate Lookout
After stopping for a night at a friend's place in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Kelly Bou and I kicked off a 3-week vacation on 26 September 2010 by heading south to the Seven Devils Mountains near Hells Canyon in western Idaho.  This was a very long but scenic drive, and we arrived at Seven Devils campground fairly late in the day.  After setting up camp, we drove to the nearby Heavens Gate trailhead and hiked the short trail to the lookout tower at the top (2569 metres).  As we were returning to my car, we were treated to a beautiful sunset over the Oregon horizon.
Why didn't they just build the road all the way to the top? Kelly reads the information board at the trailhead to Heavens Gate Lookout which is visible at left.
Easiest lookout hike ever. Kelly hikes the trail to the lookout.
We had a nice chat with the fellow manning the lookout. Here is a closer look at the lookout tower.
From left to right at centre are The Goblin, The Ogre, Tower of Babel, She Devil, and He Devil. This is looking southwest from the lookout toward the Seven Devils Mountains.
That's Oregon across the chasm. The alpenglow from the sunset lights up the sky.
It's a very long and arduous walk to get to the other lookout. Silhouetted at bottom right is Dry Diggins Lookout.
Hopefully that means good weather for tomorrow! Here is one last look at the alpenglow.