Weekend In Golden
Escaping some inclement weather in Calgary, my friends and I spent the weekend of 28-30 May 2010 relaxing at Kicking Horse Resort near Golden, British Columbia.  Thanks go out to Scott Mair for organizing the trip this year which was highlighted on Saturday by a half-round of golf followed by a fabulous steak dinner.
This house literally creaks! A peculiar chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceiling of the rented house.
When do these guys NEVER have alcohol in their hands?? Scott Warner, Matt Leith, and Scott Mair are enjoying their beers on the living room couch.
Shrimp lovers of the world, unite!!! Dorthea (Dolly) Carter, Matt, and Shelley Skelton chow down on some shrimp cocktail.
The shrimp tasted fabulous! Here is a closer look at the shrimp.
Looks like a tough climb... Mount Laussedat can be seen from the living room of the house on Saturday morning.
Always thought Joanne was a good swinger... Joanne Francis swings away at the first tee of the Back Nine at the Golden Golf Club.
Scott: "I'm thirsty already. Where's the beer cart?" Scott W., Shelley, and Marcella Pesiri await their turn to tee off.
Just call me Happy Gilmore! Sonny tries to kill the ball on the 11th tee.  Holt Creek is in the background.
This hole had a temporary green in play. Scott M. watches his ball fly down the centre of the fairway on the 12th hole (par 5).  Mount Seven dominates the skyline.
Uhh...the ball is over there behind you, Shelley... Shelley tries to whack one of her clubs down the fairway!
Hmm...somebody here isn't observing good golf etiquette... Scott M., Joanne and Sonny muddle about on the 13th green (par 3).
Look at the ball, Marcella, not your hubby! In the 18th fairway (par 5), Marcella is about to smack her ball.
In the hole...NOT! Scott W. closes things out on the 18th green.
Thanks to Rupa Srivastava for the tandoori chicken. Mmmm! Kelly Bou enjoys some tandoori chicken at the house.
I think I ingested my protein quota for the year that night! Here is a close-up of one of the delicious steaks that went unclaimed at dinner.
Keep eating, Nathan.  You could use the extra protein! While Nicholas Srivastava (left) continues to chew on steak, his brother, Nathan Srivastava, appears catatonic after consuming less than half of his own steak.
Okay, this thing is long and hard... Everyone winds down the evening with a game of Electronic Catch Phrase.
The end to another great weekend with great friends. Everyone gathers for a group photo in front of the house before departing on Sunday.
Greece next year? Standing (L to R) are Kelly, Scott M., Yolanda Casado, Scott W., Marcella, Matt, Joanne, Dolly, and Sonny.  Sitting (L to R) are Raman Srivastava, Nicholas, Shelley, and Nathan.