Golf Day At Heritage Pointe
On 27 August 2011, Joanne Francis, Scott Gourlay, Scott Mair and I enjoyed a free day of golf at Heritage Pointe Golf Club just south of Calgary, Alberta.  The free round of golf (including carts and range balls) came courtesy of my work's fitness support group which had some unused tee times on their corporate membership.  Joanne, Scott M. and I had never met Scott G. before, but he proved to be very enjoyable company throughout the day.  Of the club's 27 holes, we played the Desert and the Heritage (the third set of 9 holes is called the Pointe).  While the Desert was quite busy forcing us to play the front 9 fairly quickly, the Heritage was virtually deserted which allowed us to have a very relaxing back 9.  The downside to this was that there was no beer cart on our back 9!  Feeling hungry and thirsty after our 18th hole, we capped off the enjoyable day with some food and beverages at the clubhouse.
Where's the fairway? Joanne and Scott M. watch as Scott G. tees off on Desert Hole 2.
In the hole! Scott G. watches as Joanne looks to sink this putt.
Scott makes it look so easy! Scott M. cranks another drive out of the tee box.
Need to keep that left arm straight, Jo! Joanne gets ready to tee off again.
Lots of golf balls to be found in the deep stuff! For some strange reason, Scott G. and Scott M. are watching the play from the deep rough.
Joanne is actually down by that tree on the right! Scott G. tees off on Heritage Hole 1.
What's that smell? Scott M. enjoys a cigar between holes.
Nice chip! Scott G. chips onto the green on Heritage Hole 2.
This was a pretty tough hole for everyone! Scott M. walks off the fairway of Heritage Hole 4 while Joanne goes looking her ball in the distance.
Still need to straighten that left arm...bahh, who am I to give advice?? Joanne tees off again.
Good drive! Scott G. drives his ball up the fairway of Heritage Hole 8.
Okay, it's not quite the 17th at TPC Sawgrass, but it's challenging enough as it is. Here is the "island" green of Heritage Hole 9.
Don't ask what I shot. Let's go get some food and drinks! Sonny, Joanne and Scott M. pose at the last hole of the day.