Whiskey Lake
On 5 August 2012, Kelly Bou and I hiked to Whiskey Lake which is a short distance west of the Bluerock trailhead in the Sheep River area of Alberta's Kananaskis Country.  Despite the lake's close proximity to the busy Sheep River trail and Bluerock campground, we had the lake all to ourselves and were only occasionally disturbed by the odd waterfowl.  After spending a relaxing hour at the lake, we completed a loop back to the trailhead where we were greeted by a female park ranger toting one of the biggest shotguns I have ever seen.  She was simply warning people not to linger near the trailhead since a bear was frequenting the day-use area.
Hard to tell where the water starts and ends... Much of Whiskey Lake is quite marshy.
Very tranquil and relaxing... This is the west end of Whiskey Lake.
Grass is even growing under the water! This is the east end of Whiskey Lake.
Note the snail shells--there were zillions of them! This is likely a bone fragment from some unfortunate ungulate.
According to Gillean Daffern, Shunga-la-she apparently means "mountain white man shit on"! The east end of Whiskey Lake is covered with much vegetation.  In the distance is Shunga-la-she.
Honk! A lone Canada goose settles in among the debris on the surface of Whiskey Lake.
Visible through the "gunsight" in the distance is Mist Mountain. Kelly and Sonny pose on the eastern shore of Whiskey Lake.