Fairmont Hot Springs Golf Weekend

My annual weekend getaway with my closest friends took place at Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia from 19-22 June 2014.  Joanne Francis, Scott Mair, Sean Mair, and Scott Warner arrived at our rental house early on 19 June 2014 while I arrived much later after a marathon drive from Oregon.  The next morning (20 June 2014), Joanne, Scott M., Scott W. and I played a round of golf at the Riverside course.  In the evening, Sean joined the rest of us for a pleasant dinner at the Hoodoo Lounge & Grill which is located on the side of the highway just southwest of the resort.  We returned to our house after dinner for some dice and card games to close out the day.
It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A! Scott M. does a few stretches while Joanne and Scott W. take a few practice swings at the driving range.
A good start to the round. Scott M. tees off on Hole 1 of the Riverside course.
Nothing but tongue! Joanne's inner child emerges on the golf course.
Joanne's a driving machine! Joanne drives the ball up the fairway of Hole 2.
Who's got the Camel coin? After hitting her ball out of the sand trap, Joanne gets to work with the rake.
Get in the hole! Scott M. putts the ball past some clubs.
Good weight. Joanne putts her ball close to the hole.
That darn river! Scott M. hits over the Columbia River on Hole 3.
Toughest hole on the Riverside course. Scott W. drives off the tee box on Hole 4.
That's why this hole is so tough! Joanne tries to pop her shot through the trees.
Ol' Man River, dat Ol' Man River... Scott W. whacks his ball over the Columbia River on Hole 5.
What's she looking at? Scott M. cleans up around the green while Joanne holds onto the flag.
Okay Joanne, you can give up that Camel coin to Warner! Joanne watches as Scott W. hits out of a bunker on Hole 6.
A little rain ain't gonna stop Joanne! After a brief rain shower, Joanne tries to knock it close with her approach shot on Hole 7.
We should have played from the white tees! For a $5 donation to charity on Hole 8, a green in regulation wins a free ball while a hole-in-one wins $2000!  Sadly, Scott W. would only win a free ball.
Hmm...that ball cost me $20... Scott W., the only one to hit the 8th green in regulation, shows off his prize.
Go Seahawks! Sonny takes a "selfie" as Scott W. prepares to tee off on Hole 9.
Aiming a bit left to compensate for my dreaded slice! Sonny prepares to hit his drive.
Beautiful pond! Joanne hits another winner of a drive.
Warner would take another shot from here... Scott M. watches Scott W.'s fairway hit.
Love the backdrop with the mountains! After a quick break, Joanne gets back at it on Hole 10.
Check out Joanne's biceps! Joanne pounds another one down the fairway on Hole 11.
For them, this is what golf is all about! The two Scotts enjoy a beer and cigar from the comfort of their golf cart.
Which aptly describes my golf game these days... The markers on this course kind of resemble tombstones!
The Dream Team! From L to R are Scott M., Joanne, Scott W. and Sonny.
Sigh...if only I could hit with my driver so well... It is another perfect drive for Joanne on Hole 12.
Stay out of the trees on the right! Scott M. tees off on the very strange Hole 14 (it makes a horseshoe bend to the right).
Should be an easy Par 3, right? Joanne hits over the river again on Hole 15.
Still using that charity ball! Scott W. makes a great drive down the fairway on Hole 16.
It's in the hole!!! Scott W. would hole this shot out for an eagle!
How do you like the sniper turret on top of the house?! Scott M. walks up to the 16th green with the group's rental house in behind.
Highlight of Warner's weekend! Scott W. fishes his eagle ball out of the hole.
This is his second shot! Hole 17 proved to be a tough one for Scott M. off the tee box.
He didn't. Scott W. looks to sink this long putt.
Nice try, Joanne! Joanne comes close to making this putt.
It's so unlike Joanne to actually want her photo taken... As Scott W. prepares to tee off on Hole 18, Joanne face-bombs the photo.
Last tee shot of the day--make it a good one! Face-bombs aside, Scott prepares to crank one down the fairway.
Mair's best drive of the day! Scott M. crushes this drive and lands the ball in the fairway beyond the river.
Sigh... Sonny finishes up on the 18th green after a largely frustrating day.
After a very lazy morning on 21 June 2014, Joanne, Scott M., Scott W. and I were joined by Shelley Skelton for a round of golf at the Mountainside course.  The course was very busy on this day, and our rounds were delayed due to a shortage of power carts.  Even when we started playing, we were constantly waiting for groups in front of us to clear out.  As a result, our rounds were stretched out to about 5 hours, and we were just glad to get off the course by the end of it all.  Later that night, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of beef tenderloin with roasted potatoes and Greek salad.  We capped off the night by celebrating Scott M.'s 46th birthday and reminiscing about our younger years!
Spot her pink ball (no, not the one beside her)? On Hole 2 of the Mountainside course, Shelley demonstrates great form on her drive.
Nice out! Joanne hits out of the fairway bunker.
It's funny how a little water affects your shots... Joanne slices the ball to the right on Hole 3.
Those are some rugged peaks in the background. Joanne drives her cart along the fairway of Hole 4.
Or lack thereof! While waiting for the group in front, Shelley chats with Sonny about his love life.
Seemed like they just shoehorned this unremarkable hole between Holes 4 and 6! Hole 5 is seemingly an easy Par 3.
Possibly 3-putt territory... Shelley putts from a different area code.
Lotsa ground squirrels in this area! Joanne is about to hit a drive down the fairway of Hole 6.
She whacked it good, nonetheless! Shelley's ball is headed for the tall, skinny tree at right.
Looks like Shelley (pink ball) has a nice short putt left. Joanne makes a tricky chip over a bunker.
Seemed like an eternity to get through just 9 holes... Joanne hammers the ball on Hole 9.
Nice chip for the birthday boy! Scott M. chips his ball onto the 9th green.
Great poster shot! Joanne wastes no time driving on Hole 10.
The most beautiful hole on the course! Sonny could not resist posing at the signature Hole 12.

The ball went somewhere to the right...

Moving along, Joanne watches as Shelley drives on Hole 14.

Nailed it! Joanne connects with a fairway wood.
Warner eventually just picked up his ball... Scott W. is looking to see which way his ball bounced off a tree near the 14th green.

Does it have enough gas to get there?

Scott M. tries to sink this long putt.

One of the weirdest holes I've ever played! Joanne saves her best drive of the day for Hole 15 which features a fairway going through a narrow ravine.
Shelley actually nailed the right tee marker ahead with her first shot! Fairmont Creek runs across Hole 16.  This hole was apparently affected by a mudslide in 2012.
Just kick that ball in, Shelley! Joanne and Shelley try tandem putting!
Uphill with a slight break right to left... Joanne watches Sonny attempt to sink a birdie putt.
This made up for an otherwise dismal weekend of golf for me! Sonny sinks his birdie putt!
Good smack, Shelley! Shelley swats her ball on the fairway of Hole 18.
Good game, Shelley! Shelley putts out to end her round of golf.
Actually, he's probably already drank a few... Scott W. looks like he is ready for a beer after a marathon round.
Hey, his ball matches his clothes! Scott W. putts his ball close to the hole.
Mon dieu, that was a 5-hour round of golf! Scott W. watches Scott M. close out the round.
Get a load of the wood paneling on the fridge! Shelley knows to always smile when you cut the cheese!
Mair definitely loves to eat meat! Scott M. checks the beef tenderloin on the barbeque.
That's one big fancy hot dog! Here is a closer look at the beef tenderloin.
Finally! A picture of Sean! Joanne, Scott W. and Sean relax under the canopy on the deck.
After forgetting to bring his own knives, Warner is practically using a butter knife to hack through the meat! Scott W. slices up the beef tenderloin.  Joanne's potatoes also look delicious.

A great dinner to cap off a great weekend!

At the dining table are (L to R) Sean, Joanne, Shelley, Sonny, Scott W. and Scott M.

Boy, it didn't take them long to put food in their mouths after the camera's first self-timed shot went off! Sonny's camera catches a few people in the act of eating!
LOL Now, people are starting to act crazy at the dinner table.
Happy Birthday, Scott! Scott M. celebrates his 46th birthday.
Who wants a cupcake? Scott M. looks quite pleased after blowing out all the candles.
On Sunday (22 June 2014), we had a quick breakfast before tidying up the house and checking out.  My drive home was highlighted by several bear sightings along the highway in Kootenay National Park and Banff National Park.  Overall, it was a nice end to not only a great weekend with good friends but also an eventful week which included a road trip with my mother, visiting my brother's family, attending my nephew's high school graduation, and climbing Mount Hood.
They even knew to look both ways before crossing the highway! A couple of black bears safely cross the highway during Sonny's drive home.