Elk Pass Ski
On 21 February 2015, Shelley Skelton and I skied to Elk Pass in Alberta's Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  Shelley had recently purchased new cross-country ski gear, and given the lack of snow this winter, I suggested that we ski the Elk Pass trail since the snow is usually more abundant there than anywhere else.  As it turned out, a fresh dump of snow the previous day alleviated any concerns for poor ski conditions, and the only hitch during the day was my using a wax that was too sticky (good grip but poor glide).
Slick gear! Shelley shows off her brand new cross-country ski gear.
Some people never grow up! Shelley can't resist making a snow angel on the side of the trail.
Go, Shelley! Shelley prepares to ski a black trail for the first time.
It's a beautiful day for cross-country skiing! The Elk Pass trail is always delightful to ski.
We should have returned the way we came instead of taking the Hydroline which was windy and ungroomed. Shelley arrives at Elk Pass and the Hydroline junction.