Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition
On 29 December 2017, Zosia Zgolak and I accompanied her childhood friend, Agnieszka Wisinska, for a visit to a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Cultural Center (EC1) located in the district of Fabryczna in Łódź, Poland.  Joining us for the tour were some of Zosia's friends from her university days.  After touring the exhibition and having lunch at a nearby cafeteria, a small group of us went for a short walk to a coffee shop near Piotrkowska Street before parting ways and heading home.
Who wouldn't want to ride a bus with these two pretty girls?? Zosia and Agnieszka take a bus to the Cultural Center.
There's a giant beetle on the wall! Zosia tours the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.
Nice penis in the background! The tour participants gather for a group photo in the lobby.

Photo courtesy of Zosia Zgolak

The chair was a little wet to sit on!

Sonny, Zosia, Agnieszka and Andrzej Kucharczyk squeeze into a big chair on Piotrkowska Street.

Many locals consider this a white elephant--it's virtually empty. The new train and bus depot located in Fabryczna has a distinctly modern look.