MS2 (Muzeum Sztuki) And Herbst Palace
On 28 December 2017, Zosia Zgolak and I spent most of the day touring a couple of museums in Łódź, Poland with Zosia's good friend, Gosia Zakrzewska.  We first visited MS2 (Muzeum Sztuki) located in Manufaktura, a former textile factory which has been renovated and turned into a trendy shopping complex.  MS2 features a wide variety of modern art with a nice mix of conventional works and more thought-provoking or even bizarre exhibits.  After leaving MS2, we toured Herbst Palace, the lavish home of one of Łódź's wealthiest industrialist families during the late 19th century.  Not to be outdone, Gosia and her parents, Stanislaw and Teresa, invited me, Zosia, and Zosia's mother, Teresa Kosmala, to join them at their lavish home for a wonderful dinner in the evening.  A big thank you goes out to Gosia's parents for their generous hospitality and also to Gosia for driving us everywhere in the city.
How NOT to put together an IKEA closet rack! Gosia and Zosia stand beside one of the more bizarre exhibits at MS2.
That's right! She's all mine!! Zosia sits down for a break during the tour of MS2.
Still great to see green grass in December! The exterior gardens at Herbst Palace are not flowery during the winter months.

Photo courtesy of Zosia Zgolak

I got in trouble for taking this shot. "NO PHOTO!"

Here is one of the many elaborate rooms inside Herbst Palace.

Zosia is on the phone right now... Not far from Herbst Palace, this old factory building has been converted into modern office space.
Na zdrowie! Stanislaw and Sonny share a shot of vodka.
I'm already full!

Teresa Z. serves dessert while Teresa K., Zosia and Gosia wait in anticipation.