With showers in the forecast for 9 April 2023, Zosia Zgolak and I spent a relaxing Easter Sunday touring parts of Seattle, Washington with my brother, William Bou, and his family.  After William generously treated us all to a delicious brunch, he took us first to the campus of University of Washington where my older nephew, James, escorted Zosia and me to see some beautiful cherry blossoms (my brother and his wife, Lynette, waited in the car since parking is a bit of a hassle there during this time).  Next, we went to browse some of the oddball merchandise at Archie McPhee, a novelty store which is always good for a few laughs.  William then took us to see The Spheres which are part of Amazon's headquarters campus.  The globe-like buildings are not generally open to the public, but they are still cool to see from the outside.  After that, we went to Bellevue to visit my younger nephew, Daniel, at his workplace, the Seattle Marriott Bellevue hotel.  Daniel was not too busy and took us all for a brief tour of the four-star hotel.  Since he was working late, Daniel did not join the rest of us as we retired to my brother's home in Kirkland where William and Lynette cooked us a delicious Easter dinner to wrap up the day.
Yup, seen!

James and Zosia visit the campus of Washington University to see cherry blossoms.

The truth is out there!

Zosia gets abducted by a UFO outside the Archie McPhee store!

What's up, doc? Sonny and Zosia are a couple of crazy Easter bunnies.
Please insert 50 cents!

Zosia tries to mimic Cap'n Archie in hopes of reading people's fortunes.

Reminds me of the movie, "Silent Running"! William, Lynette, James and Sonny stand outside The Spheres, part of Amazon's headquarters campus.
Only one button should be done up, Daniel! James, Lynette, William, Daniel and Sonny stand in the lobby of Daniel's workplace--the Seattle Marriott Bellevue hotel.
Thank you to William and Lynette for a great dinner! Zosia, James, Lynette and William sit down to Easter dinner.