Mist Mountain
Dan Millar and I had planned to bag Mount Rae on 10 August 1997, but grizzly bears in Ptarmigan Cirque forced us to change our objective to Mist Mountain further south.  Right off the bat, we went up the wrong drainage and had to climb to a high col (roughly at GR465037) to get our bearings.  From there, we scrambled up some fairly steep terrain to get onto the northwest ridge.  This ridge is no cakewalk, and it took us some time to work our way up to the 3138-metre summit.  After lunch at the top, we descended to the Lipsett Col and followed a drainage which heads northwest back to the highway.  This drainage is no cakewalk either as it is miserably bushy and difficult to navigate at times.  Lower down, I even came across a small metal trap hidden or forgotten in the bushes--anyone coming through here should watch their step!
Gotta love that shirt! After heading up the wrong valley, Sonny climbs to a high col in search of a feasible route up to the crest of Mist Mountain's northwest ridge.  Mount Tyrwhitt is visible in the distance at left.
Good scrambling. Dan scrambles up some steep terrain.
We're not done yet... Dan gains the crest of the northwest ridge, but he is still a long way from the summit of Mist Mountain.
Success! Sonny stands atop the summit cairn of Mist Mountain.  Click here to look at the memorial plaque cemented to the cairn.
Obviously not the hiker's route! Sonny descends some steep slabs.
Photo Courtesy of Dan Millar
That bush doesn't look so bad from here... From the Lipsett Col, Dan surveys the exit route which follows the drainage in the middle of the photo.