Mount Rae
Dan Millar and I decided to have another go at Mount Rae on 8 August 1998.  Bears in Ptarmigan Cirque forced us to change our objective to Mist Mountain previously, but this time, the coast was clear.  The scree slope before the southwest ridge was probably the most tedious part of the ascent, but by sticking to the steeper rock ribs, we gained the ridge crest quickly.  Compared to our 17-hour epic on Mount Chephren two weeks before, Mount Rae was a cakewalk as we went from car to summit in a blistering 2.5 hours.  Our descent was even faster, if only to get away from the hordes of people coming up behind us.
I have seen the light! The sun shines down on Dan in Ptarmigan Cirque.
More superfluous signage. The gendarme guarding the southwest ridge of Mount Rae is visible from 'trail's end'.
Scrambler's delight. Dan continues up the southwest ridge.
We're at the top already? Dan takes the last few steps before the summit.  Storm Mountain and Mist Mountain are visible in the hazy distance.
Piece of cake! Sonny stands on the 3218-metre summit of Mount Rae.
Okay, no cake.  Just strudels! Sonny and Dan treat themselves to some cherry strudels.