Mockingbird Hill Lookout Ski
Vern Dewit, Kelly Wood and I headed out to the Waiparous Creek area (about 70 kilometres northwest of Calgary, Alberta) on 7 February 2004 to ski up to the Mockingbird Hill Lookout.  Despite its low elevation, the lookout boasts a panoramic view which is not too shabby.  We started skiing up the road at about 10:30 AM and made very good progress since someone had recently gone up in a snow cat and packed down the snow.  Other than having to hop a gate or two, we had no problems reaching the top by noon where we proceeded to eat lunch, take photographs, and explore a couple of outhouses (one even had a checkerboard floor and pictures on the wall).  The ski back to my car took about 35 minutes although most of that time was spent picking up ourselves after numerous wipeouts.  Overall, it was a really fun day of skiing with great weather and great company.
On the road again... Kelly and Vern ski up the road to the lookout.
Gate Crasher Vern hurdles the final gate guarding the lookout.
Mmmmm...submarine sandwich... Vern, Kelly and Sonny pose with Vern's submarine sandwich at the top.  Click here for a closer look at Devil's Head which is at right on the horizon.
Lookout! Vern and Kelly check out the views from the upper floor of the lookout building.
Nice shack. The Mockingbird Hill Lookout stands at a modest elevation of 1902 metres.
The Luxury Suite Vern looks for some cheap housing opportunities.  This one looks like a "fixer-upper".
Somebody open the gate! Vern skis down one of the steeper sections of the road.
This is the life. Vern soaks up the sunshine after a fairly tough ski.
I would return for a second ski ascent in 2020.