Huatulco Day 2
On 2 May 2009, the second day of our stay at the Dreams resort in Huatulco, Mexico, Kelly Bou and I spent most of the day relaxing on the beach and getting acquainted with the resort's amenities.  Late in the afternoon, most of the wedding guests gathered at the resort's theatre to sip mint juleps and watch the Kentucky Derby over a live internet feed.  The event turned out to be a dud though due to technical problems both with the internet feed and with the mint juleps (blechh!).  Thankfully, a nice dinner at the Himitsu, the resort's sushi restaurant, salvaged the evening for me.
It's early in the morning, and it's already hot outside! This is looking out the balcony of Sonny's and Kelly's room at the Dreams resort.
Just another beautiful day in paradise. This is looking south from the balcony toward Tangolunda Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  Montosa Island is at far left.
Don't you just want to dive in?? Sonny gets his feet wet in the Pacific Ocean.
Also known as "boogie" boards. Matt Leith and Kelly borrow a couple of bodyboards to try out in the water.
Big waves are hard to come by on this day! Matt and Kelly float out into the ocean.
Still looking good, Joanne! Joanne Francis takes a break from reading Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" to watch the goings-on in the water.
I never did get a chance to go bag this rock. The Mexican flag flies atop the prominent rock in front of the resort.
This was about as crowded as the beach got during our entire stay. Here is a more comprehensive view of the Dreams resort.
It's a bit dicey scrambling over these jagged rocks in flip flops. A tourist checks out the churning waters behind these rocks near the beach.
Check out the snails too. A small crab climbs among the rocks.
Scott Warner was literally getting baked at this point. Scott Mair, Matt, Scott Warner and Nicole Coyes hang out in the "adult" pool (as opposed to the "kiddie" pool).
These Mexican seagulls seem a bit scrawnier than their Canadian counterparts. Some seagulls hang around on the beach.
Nice domes! Kelly stands on a jetty in front of the Quinta Real resort.
They make it look so easy on Gilligan's Island! Sonny tries to bite into a coconut on the beach.
A nice place for a late afternoon stroll. Kelly heads back to the Dreams resort along the beach.  The bright white buildings are part of the Camino Real Zaashila resort.
Warner is looking red as a beet! Jerry Scapillati and Scott W. show off their Kentucky Derby jackets.
Excellent tempura shrimp!! Kelly and Scott M. enjoy dinner at the Himitsu restaurant.
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