Huatulco Day 3
The original plan for 3 May 2009, my third day at the Dreams resort in Huatulco, Mexico City, was to go on a boat tour with the rest of the wedding guests and do some snorkeling.  Unfortunately, the bridegroom, Scott Warner, was hammered by alcohol and sun the previous day, and the tour was postponed to allow for his recovery before his wedding.  Thus, everyone spent another day enjoying the fine weather at the beach.  The last of the wedding guests arrived in the early evening, and most of us had seafood for dinner at the Oceana restaurant.  The evening's entertainment was provided by Kelly Bou and myself as we participated in the resort's "best couple" contest which consisted of a series of amusing and titillating games.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), I did not take any photos of the event.
This was a popular spot to see fish in the water. Ruth Skakum spots something interesting in the water.
Matt found out the hard way that you should not try this without a bodyboard! Matt Leith and Kelly Bou ride some incoming waves.
And gets a lot of sand in her bathing suit! Kelly zips onto the beach.
Don't lose that wristband, Jerry! Even Jerry Scapillati gets in on the bodyboarding action.
And I'm not talking about Kelly! A strange creature guards the lobby entrance at the Dreams resort.
This was the most popular bar at the resort. Sonny, Joanne Francis, Kelly, Matt and Scott Mair await the arrival of the last wedding guests at the Rendezvous Bar (main lobby).
Scott's last day as a bachelor! Scott W. lives!
Let's get the party started! The Srivastava and Kumar families arrive at the resort.
Unfortunately, the sun is setting behind another resort rather than into the ocean. The sun sets in the west in this view from the lobby.
Yummy!  I should have ordered a second one! This is Sonny's shrimp salad at the Oceana restaurant.
Sandi was a real trooper coming on this trip despite being stuck in a wheelchair. Also eating at the Oceana restaurant are (L to R) Sandi Warner, Jeff Warner, Chad Coyes and Nicole Coyes.
That pool table was about as level as the surface of the ocean during a tsunami. Joanne shoots some pool at the theatre just before the start of the "best couple" contest.
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