Huatulco Day 4
May 4, 2009 was the wedding day for Scott Warner and Marcella Pesiri.  My day started off pretty much like the previous two days--hanging out at the beach.  I even tried a bit of snorkeling but had problems getting a good seal on my mask.  Visibility was marginal anyway in the waters in front of the resort, and I soon gave up.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing before the wedding in the late afternoon.

The lovely ceremony was held on the beach in front of the Barracuda bar, and fortunately, the wedding guests were kept well-hydrated because the late afternoon sun was unbearably hot.  Scott and Marcella had asked me to photograph their wedding using Scott's SLR camera, and I was more than happy to oblige (most of the photos of the wedding on this web page were taken by Kelly Bou).  As the sun was setting, I took some shots of the wedding party on the beach as well as some of just the bride and groom.  When the sun finally disappeared, so did all the free memory in Scott's camera, and it was time to enjoy the wedding dinner and dance.  The entertainment staff at the resort did a nice job of hosting the party, and everyone had a great time.
Does my back ever look burnt! Sonny dons some flippers on the beach.
I kept getting water up my nose! Sonny is looking for fish in the water.
The water was much too turbulent here to see anything beyond a few feet. Matt Leith and Kelly also try some snorkeling.
They bob their head and snap their jaws when they feel threatened. A black iguana makes an appearance on the rocky slopes near the beach.
You missed a spot on your nose! The red stuff on its nose is from some fruit the iguana was eating earlier.
This one is a little bigger than the first one. Another black iguana (albeit discoloured) ventures into the area and grabs onto a water hose.
It's no Gorn, but maybe it will fight to the death! The first iguana does not look too happy to see a competitor nearby.
Tracy's dress is amazing! Laurie Stewart and Tracy Warner await the start of the wedding ceremony.
The shirt I am wearing was given to me by Scott and Marcella for this occasion. The wedding photographer and Chris Dueck stop to have their photograph taken.
Cute kid! Paolo Pesiri leads the wedding procession. Oscar (son of Marcella's cousin, Cynthia Leon) and Nicholas Srivastava can be seen following behind.
Look!  Morpheus is getting married! Scott and his mother, Marian Warner, appear at the top of the steps.
I like the colour of that dress! Scott Mair escorts Marcella's mother, Yolanda Casado, down the steps.
Doesn't Jerry look like a mobster? Fahgettaboudit! Jerry Scapillati escorts Marcella's sister-in-law, Melissa Pesiri, down the aisle.
Kurt also got married in Mexico--in Tulum to be exact. Kurt Warner escorts Cynthia Leon down the aisle.
Cheer up.  It's almost over! Andrea (Cynthia's daughter) shares Scott's sentiments about the wedding.
Marcella's happiest day of her life! Julio Pesiri gives away his sister in the wedding.
They even got fingerprinted during the ceremony! Scott and Marcella tie the knot.
I had to borrow Scott Mair's sunglasses for this photo. Scott, Sonny and Raman Srivastava do the traditional pose.
Can Scott come out and play, Marcella?? Scott practices what will be his weekly routine on Saturday night.
Chad's got really cool sunglasses! Raman and Chad Coyes do some male bonding before dinner.
Good verticals! While the bride and groom have their pictures taken, Rupali Srivastava and her husband practice levitating.
Ray:  Was that 1-2-JUMP or 1-2-3 and THEN jump?? Raman gets his two sons, Nicholas and Nathan, to levitate as well.
Mmmm. Very tasty! This was the main course for the wedding dinner: Mexican rice in a tortilla shell and chicken breast with mole sauce.
Yikes, I almost hurled after that first shot! Matt Leith and Sonny do shots of tequila in order to get the bride and groom to kiss.
When HASN'T Scott Mair been drinking on this trip?! Scott Mair does a double shot in order to see some tongue action!
Time to get some air! The newlyweds lock lips for everyone's entertainment.
When was the last time you smoked, Joanne? Matt sucks on a lollipop while Joanne sucks back a cigar.
Shake it, Marcella! The dancing begins.
Not bad for a guy who builds decks! Scott M. gets a chance to dance with the bride.
Darren is a rock guitarist from Winnipeg. Darren MacDonald also gets to dance with the bride.
Jeff dances like a guy who works for Revenue Canada.  Oh wait, he DOES work there... Next to dance with the bride is Jeff Warner.
Let's do the lambada! Sonny finally shows all the guys how it is done!
This was like some bizarre Mexican version of "London Bridge Is Falling Down"! Despite being in a wheelchair, Sandi Warner is still able to participate in the dancing.
Scott was kicking each lady's butt as they walked under! All the women form a chain and dance their way under the "bridge".
Hey Keith, Karaoke Night isn't until the day after tomorrow! Keith Warner decides to sing along to Garth Brooks' "Friends In Low Places".
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