Huatulco Day 5
On 5 May 2009, the day after the Warner-Pesiri wedding at the Dreams resort in Huatulco, Mexico, the majority of friends and family took a boat tour of some nearby bays along the coastline.  Starting from the harbour town of Santa Cruz, we sailed westward and visited several bays and a couple of beaches, some that are only accessible by boat.  At Bahia Chachacual, we stopped to do a little snorkeling.  Again, I struggled with my snorkeling equipment and kept getting water up my nose.  I eventually gave up, but not before I was able to hold a blowfish in my hands.  The tour guide had grabbed a blowfish from the coral reef and allowed everyone a chance to hold it briefly--poor blowfish!  Later, we stopped at Bahia Riscalillo, and I was determined to give snorkeling another try.  I readjusted my mask to get a better seal on my face, and this time it worked like a charm.  My only regret is that I did not bring an underwater camera with me to photograph the amazing scenery below.  Other highlights of the tour included interesting rock features along the coast, seeing dolphins and sea turtles, and the seemingly endless supply of beer on board our boat!

There was another round of Mexican food and entertainment at the resort that evening, and Raman Srivastava was coaxed into participating in another "macho man" contest (which Jeff Warner had done earlier in the week).  Basically, he and two other male contestants had to stomp to the front of the stage, give a big growl, and yell out (either in English or Spanish), "My name is Pancho.  I come from the 'Rancho'.  Where is my Maria??"  Then he had to scream wildly before downing a shot of tequila.  Raman did not disappoint and was applauded for his efforts.

A little bit of dancing at the Desires Sports Bar and Music Lounge late in the evening rounded out a rather long day.
They're wearing the life jackets for leaving and entering the harbour. Raman and his sons, Nicholas and Nathan, are excited about the boat tour as they depart from Santa Cruz.
Time to practice snorkeling, amigos! The boat makes its first stop at Playa Chachacual.
Alright, time for more salt water up the nose! Everyone gets ready to go into the water.
Wonder if sharks frequent this area... A pleasure boat passes by in the distance as everyone bobs about in the water.
Hard to believe that Scott is married now! Raman and Scott Warner each have a beer while at sea.
Joanne got a little seasick at this point. Joanne Francis nurses a beer on the way back to Santa Cruz.
Thank goodness for the canopy! Everyone has mellowed out after a long day in the sun.
Is it a scramble? Here is a typical rock outcrop on the coast.
The boat almost ran over a couple others like this one. A sea turtle swims by.
Shhh.  I think he's sleeping! This gives new meaning to the term "rock face".
See ya tomorrow! The sun sets over Huatulco.
The blonde girl was from New Zealand and only started working at Dreams Huatulco a few weeks earlier. A couple of employees from the resort offer tequila shots before dinner.
Let the haggling begin! Scott Mair and Kelly Bou check out the jewelry from a local vendor.
The tempura shrimp was different and not as great the second time around (still good though). Joanne, Matt Leith, Scott M., and Kelly enjoy some appetizers at the Himitsu restaurant.
Chris is the consummate lady's man! Chris Dueck and Rupali Srivastava do an impromptu dance during dinner on the main patio.
My name is Rambo Ramrod! Raman puts his 'acting skills' to use again.
Donde esta Rupa?! Raman drinks a shot a tequila like a macho man should!
Not sure if they're feral or not... This is one of several small cats that seemingly come out only during the evenings at the resort.
It's not a busy club at all! Sonny, Rupali and Raman kick things off at the Desires Lounge.
Everybody dance now! Some more people drop in to liven up the atmosphere.
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