Huatulco Day 6
On Day 6 (6 May 2009) of my vacation at the Dreams resort in Huatulco, Mexico, about one third of our group of family and friends went on a coffee plantation and waterfall tour.  The rest of us were content to hang out at the resort and do very little!  Actually, a few people tried out sea kayaking in the morning, and a bunch of us enjoyed "playing" volleyball in one of the pools in the afternoon.  It was "karaoke night" at the Rendezvous Bar later that evening, and everyone had an exceedingly good time singing and even line dancing at one point!
Actually, these weren't real sea kayaks, but they served their purpose well enough. Keith Warner, Kelly Bou and Matt Leith borrow some sea kayaks and head out into Tangolunda Bay.
Keith turned around shortly after this photo was taken because he was uncomfortable sitting in the kayak which offered no back support. Matt takes over the lead from Keith and Kelly!
It's easy, Rupa.  Just bring Gaitri and Kelly with you everytime you go swimming! Gaitri Mehta-Kumar (left) and Kelly teach Rupali Srivastava how to float in the pool.
Wow.  Joanne is actually in the water! Joanne Francis (far left) serves up a volleyball.
Gotta like the low net! Sonny sets a ball for Raman to hit.
Actually, this wasn't much worse than the 'real' beach volleyball I played only a couple of days ago at the resort. The water is actually a great equalizer with respect to volleyball playing ability--everybody sucks!
Let the song butchering begin! Matt shows off one of the judging paddles at "karaoke night".
Where's the gong? Keith cannot understand why the entertainment staff have tissue plugging their ears.
"I put your picture away..." Kelly and Chris Dueck sing a duet on Kid Rock's "Picture".
If you've ever wondered what Chris would look like with hippy-long red hair and a feather boa... "Karaoke night" starts getting a little weird!
Diego actually doesn't look half bad as a blonde! Kelly sings Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" with  Diego (staff), Lise MacKenzie and Laurie Stewart as her backup singers.
It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A! Chad Coyes, Chris, Kurt Skakum and Scott Mair ARE the Village People singing "YMCA"!
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