Huatulco Day 7
Nine of us got up early on the seventh day (7 May 2009) of my trip to Huatulco, Mexico to play a round of golf at nearby Tangolunda Golf Course.  Scott Warner was able to arrange a deal for all of us as we each paid 900 pesos (about $90 CDN) for the round of golf including rental of clubs and golf carts and the services of two caddies.  After drawing names from a hat, I was partnered with Kurt Skakum, Scott Mair and Raman Srivastava.  Our caddy's name was Ricardo, and despite missing an arm, he could golf way better than me.  Of course, this was my first time playing a full 18 holes of golf, and my game clearly sucks!  Despite being frustrated with my terrible golf skills, I enjoyed being out on the beautiful course with good friends and look forward to my next round of golf whenever that may be.  Seriously.
In the end, we didn't lose that many balls and ended up driving the bulk of these ones into the pond at the 18th hole. Raman buys some extra golf balls for both himself and Sonny.
Fore! Scott M. gets ready to drive his ball on the 1st tee.
The golf carts were a lot of fun to drive! Kurt and Scott M. wait for Raman to hit his ball with a fairway wood.  Ricardo, the caddy, is already having a drink in the warm morning air.
Looks just like the video game! Scott M. watches Kurt tee off on the 3rd hole (Par 3).
The Doctor is in. Kurt knocks in a short putt on the 3rd hole.
Don't miss, Ray! Raman looks to crush the ball down the fairway.
What are they waiting for? Kurt and Scott M. patiently wait in their cart.  Note the beautiful flora.
This picture says it all about my golf game! This is what Kurt and Scott are waiting for.
Seems like Kurt and Mair were waiting a lot on this day! Kurt and Scott M. wait for the others ahead to putt out on the 13th hole.
Who's got a putter in their hands?? The other group is taking their sweet time on the green.
This is Tangolunda Golf Course's signature hole. Sonny putts out on the 13th green.  Tangolunda Bay can be seen behind him.
Our one-armed caddy took this photo for me. Scott M., Raman, Kurt and Sonny pose for a group shot.
Actually, I think he hooked this one well to the left! Raman hits the ball down the 16th fairway.
One of the prettier holes on the course. Scott M. tees off on the 17th hole.
Guess where Sonny's ball went?? Sonny swings his driver on the 17th tee.
Way to go, Vijay! Raman putts out on the 17th green.
What's with having the flag in the picture?? On the 18th green are: (L to R front row) Chad Coyes, Nicole Coyes, Raman and Sonny and (L to R back row) Chris Dueck, Scott M., Darren MacDonald, Scott W. and Kurt.
We tipped Ricardo a total of 400 pesos for a job well done. Scott M., Raman, Ricardo, Kurt and Sonny pose for one more group photo on the 18th green.
Ouch!  Always watch what you eat, especially in a Mexican restaurant! At the El Patio restaurant in the evening, Joanne Francis struggles to stifle her laughter after Matt Leith devoured a whole mouthful of extremely spicy salsa thinking it was guacamole!
Not sure if the spinach really agreed with me afterwards... Sonny's dinner is shrimp with rice and spinach--delicious!
Cheers and goodnight! Darren, Marlo Campbell, and Scott M. wind down the evening with a few drinks at the Rendezvous Bar.
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