Cox Hill
Angie Gignac, Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I slogged up Cox Hill in Kananaskis Country on 12 May 2001.  Initially, the trail from the Dawson parking lot was quite easy to follow, and we climbed quickly through the lower forest.  As we got higher though, there was more and more snow on the trail making for some tricky route-finding.  Luckily, the snow was firm enough for us to walk on top, and we soon cleared the trees and reached the first summit.  Upon reaching the main summit, we stopped for a well-deserved lunch before heading back the same way.  The return trip proved to be much more tiresome as much of the snow we had tramped over earlier had softened in the afternoon heat.  As a result, we spent much of the descent stumbling and post-holing through waist-deep snow--not exactly an enjoyable way to end a hike.

More than 22 years later, I would return and hike Cox Hill under much more pleasant conditions.
Dan Millar's Snow Gnome
Snow Gnome
Cox Hill Summit
A Panoramic View from the top of Cox Hill
Another Tom Cruise Wannabe
Screen Test For The Opening Of "Mission Impossible 2"
Post-Holing Fun!
Kelly and Angie muddle their way through the snow.