Pigeon Mountain
After several days of just sleeping and eating, I dragged myself out to the mountains on 31 December 2003 in hopes of bagging Pigeon Mountain (2394 metres) in Kananaskis Country.  Starting at 10:00 AM from the trailhead near Dead Man's Flats, I skied up the powerline right-of-way which eventually climbs up to Skogan Pass just south of Pigeon Mountain.  At treeline just short of the pass, I ditched my skis and hiked up open slopes to a saddle between Pigeon Mountain's two distinct summits.  I easily reached the higher north summit at about 2:00 PM.  Since my fingers and toes were quite numb from the cold temperatures, I didn't bother attempting the lower south summit and beat a hasty retreat down the mountain.  While the hike back to my skis was straightforward, the ski back to the trailhead was anything but.  The narrow, icy, pockmarked trail was not a lot of fun to ski down, and I probably wiped out about two dozen times before limping (and cursing) back to my car at 4:00 PM.
Sonny needs a bigger tripod! Sonny skis up the powerline right-of-way.
@#$%^&* powerlines! From the powerline right-of-way, Mount Rundle dominates the view to the northwest.  This trail would be the source of a lot of grief for Sonny later in the day.
Three Ice Queens Here is an unobstructed view of the Three Sisters from the lower slopes of Pigeon Mountain.
Still some work ahead... Sonny reaches the saddle between the two summits of Pigeon Mountain.  The north summit is visible.
Almost there... Sonny charges up the summit ridge.
Make no's freakin' cold up there! Sonny huddles beside the summit cairn.
Yup.  Looks great.  Let's get outta here! Sonny tries to keep the circulation going in his hands while enjoying the view of the Bow Corridor.  Bathed in sunlight at right is Grotto Mountain.
Sheep may safely graze... A herd of bighorn sheep graze on the slopes below the south summit of Pigeon Mountain.