Picklejar Lakes
My friend, Shelley Skelton, was eager to go for a hike on 10 October 2015, and I obliged her by accompanying her to Picklejar Lakes in the Highwood area of Alberta's Kananaskis Country.  I had previously hiked to the popular lakes in 1995, but my recollections about that trip are now vague at best.  Starting from the Lantern Creek trailhead, we crossed the highway and picked up the well-maintained trail which climbs steadily up to a high col before dropping down to the first of four lakes.  The hike to the col is quite strenuous, and the descent to First Lake is a bit tricky with parts of the trail braiding through a recent mudslide.  Once we reached First Lake, we had no trouble hiking the trail to Second Lake followed by Third Lake.  We continued around the south shore of Third Lake to reach Fourth Lake.  Although it would have been nice to linger here, a light sprinkling of rain prompted us to get moving, and we returned exactly the way we came.  Twenty years later, the Picklejar Lakes remain just as charming, and I was happy to hike the trail again in the company of a good friend.
She looks like she is really enjoying herself! Shelley hikes along the Lantern Creek trail.
Click here to see me in 1995 standing on the same spot this photo was taken. From where the trail begins to descend to First Lake, there is a clear view to the northwest of South Mist Hills.
First Lake? Meh. Shelley pauses on the trail above First Lake.
Second Lake is better than First Lake. Shelley stands on the shore of Second Lake.
You're doing great, Shelley! Shelley hikes through a boulder field en route to Third Lake.
Click here to see me standing at the far side of the lake in 1995. Trails run along both sides of Third Lake.
Okay, it's raining. Let's get outta here! Sonny poses with Shelley in front of Fourth Lake.
This one's for you, Shelley! Total Distance:  11.1 kilometres
Round-Trip Time:  4 hours 35 minutes
Net Elevation Gain:  458 metres

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