Windy Peak And Saddle Mountain
After a couple of aborted attempts (hiking and skiing) at bagging Windy Peak near the southern portion of Don Getty Wildlife Provincial Park, I returned along with Linda Breton, Dan Millar, and Kelly Wood on 9 October 2005 to finish the job.  Starting from Highway 532 about two kilometres south of "The Hump", we crossed the marshy areas of North and South Twin Creeks before climbing up through a short stretch of forest onto the long north ridge of Windy Peak.  About eighty minutes after leaving my car, we were on the summit--mission accomplished.  Since the day was still young, we continued hiking southeast to tag the double summits of unofficially-named Saddle Mountain.  Other than having to lose and regain elevation, we encountered no difficulties in reaching Saddle Mountain's north summit about ninety minutes after leaving Windy Peak.  Another fifteen minutes of easy scrambling had us up on the marginally lower south summit where we took an extended break.  Except for bypassing Saddle Mountain's north summit and Windy Peak's summit, we basically retraced our steps for the return trip and were back at my car after a round-trip time of 7 hours and 40 minutes.  We rewarded ourselves with dinner at the Boston Pizza in Okotoks, Alberta to cap off a most enjoyable outing.

Check out Linda's trip report here.
Getting across North and South Twin Creeks with dry feet is the crux of this trip! Linda and Kelly emerge above tree line at the north end of Windy Peak.  Highway 532 is visible at centre just beyond the cutblock separating North and South Twin Creeks.
Looks like an easy scramble. The view to the south is dominated by Mount Livingstone.
Where the heck is Dan?? Kelly and Linda stand on top of 2249-metre Windy Peak.  Ironically, there is hardly any wind on this day.
It's nothing more than an easy ridge walk. The double summits of Saddle Mountain are visible at right in this view from Windy Peak.
Gillean Daffern calls this peak "The Shaddle"...not sure why or what that means.  Maybe she has a lisp! Here is a closer look at the double summits.
Unclimbed?  Doesn't look that tough to ascend from here! Visible on the horizon to the west are (L to R) Mount Pierce, Mount Farquhar, unnamed (and supposedly unclimbed according to Gillean Daffern), Mount Holcroft, and Mount Scrimger.
Unfortunately, we have to climb back up most of this on the way out. Linda, Dan and Kelly descend the east side of Windy Peak.
Click here to see the "real" photo of the crux! Dan climbs the "crux" of the route up Saddle Mountain.
Linda is a bit obsessed with the Elevators--typical Saskatonian, eh? The Cache Creek Elevators can be seen from Saddle Mountain's north ridge.
Linda is still going strong despite bagging Mount Gladstone the previous day. Linda walks up the broad north ridge of Saddle Mountain.  Hailstone Butte dominates the view behind her.
With enough snow, this could make for a decent ski trip. Dan and Kelly follow some tracks in the snow en route to Saddle Mountain.
Here's evidence that Dan actually moves his feet rather than quantum leaping up the mountain! Dan hikes up the final rubble slope.
Although lists Saddle Mountain as being 2240 metres, Linda's GPS gave an elevation of 2276 metres. Dan stands atop the north summit of Saddle Mountain.  Mount Livingstone is the peak at left.
Is it worth bagging the other summit?  You bet! Sonny poses for a photo at the north summit.  The marginally lower south summit and Coffin Mountain can be seen in the distance.
There's actually some hands-on scrambling to be had on the south summit! Dan (silhouetted against the snow at bottom right) makes his way across the 'saddle'.
I would later bag that nub on the left...solo! Dan stands on the south summit of Saddle Mountain.
Coffin Mountain looks like another easy scramble. There is a lot worth exploring in the Livingstone Range.
Linda's GPS gave an elevation of 2270 metres for the south summit. Linda bags her fourth peak of the weekend!  The north summit is visible at right.
There was no cairn at this summit...possible first ascent?? ;-) Everyone enjoys a well-deserved break on the south summit.
Back in the saddle again. Dan, Linda and Kelly walk back across the saddle in hopes of bypassing the north summit.
A wee bit of fun! While bypassing the north summit, Dan scrambles up and over a rare rock band.
The wind really picked up here when we were descending this ridge. Dan, Linda and Kelly descend the long north ridge of Windy Peak.  Visible at upper left are Hailstone Butte, Mount Burke, and Sentinel Peak.
Okay, let's go eat!  I'm in the mood for some Alan Kane-butt jerky! Kelly and Linda slosh through the swamp near North Twin Creek.  Behind them, Windy Peak is bathed in sunlight.