Sanson Peak
Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Calgary recently held a professional development seminar for members of its various detachments in Calgary, Edmonton and Yellowknife.  On 22 October 2009, the final day of the seminar, most of the members participated in "adventure training" in Banff, Alberta and were supported by the Calgary division of Personnel Support Programs (PSP).  While some members went on a hike near Vermilion Lakes, the majority of people hiked up the Sulphur Mountain Trail to the upper gondola station.  Some people also continued to the top of nearby Sanson Peak.  Everyone then descended via the gondola (free on this day; I was never asked to show a ticket) and regrouped with the other hikers at the Elk & Oarsman where we were all treated to lunch by PSP.  Thank you, PSP!
Come join us! This is a pre-hike group photo of members of Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Calgary (including Detachments Edmonton and Yellowknife).
Photo courtesy of Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Calgary
This would be at least the third time I have hiked up this trail.  I have yet to hike down it... Here is the start of the Sulphur Mountain Trail.
The overcast sky began to clear up when we started hiking. The morning sun lights up Mount Aylmer.
You wouldn't believe how much stuff Woody had in his pack! Kevin Motokado and James Woodward bring up the rear to make sure no one is left behind.
The Sulphur Mountain Trail is great for socializing! Taking a break along the trail are Kevin Truman, Nick Klus, Pat Leslie, Catriona Matheson and Mike Fijal.
Tickets are $29 CDN per adult!!! This is looking down the gondola line from near the top.
Someone on the summit thinks they're on top of the world! Sanson Peak is about a 10-minute walk from the upper gondola station.
We really lucked out with the weather today! Jeremie Jacquard, Brendon Warwaruk and Johanne Ouellet stand near the top of Sanson Peak.
I should maybe go tag the true summit one of these days... This is looking back at the upper gondola station from Sanson Peak.  The true summit of Sulphur Mountain is somewhere along the ridge beyond.
Ah, I left one of my better limericks up there... To the northwest is Mount Cory.
I still haven't hiked up Stoney Squaw (the forested hump in front of Cascade Mountain). Cascade Mountain is visible to the north.
Best view of the day. Mount Aylmer and Lake Minnewanka look breathtaking.
That's Cat talking to Jaremy. Mount Rundle (see also Mount Rundle First Peak) dominates the view to the east.
And there's Pilot Mountain at far right in the distance. Siobhan McNaught (light blue jacket) stands beside the historic meteriological station on the 2270-metre summit of Sanson Peak.
Yes, that's a GPS on my shoulder harness.  You never know if you might get lost up here... ;-) Mike and Sonny enjoy the relatively nice weather on Sanson Peak.
Okay, enough sightseeing.  Time for lunch! Northwest of Sanson Peak, Mount Louis sticks up like a sore thumb behind Mount Edith whose three peaks look rather indistinct from this angle.
A nice way to finish the hike! Waiting to take the gondola down are (L to R) an unknown tourist, Ryan Palmer, Joseph Banke, Nick, Pat and Carol Robitaille.
I would subsequently return to Sanson Peak via skis in 2017 and again on foot in 2019.